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Crystal Dunn loves her chickens (and they love her)

Crystal Dunn has a nice backyard. She’s been showcasing the verdant space on her instagram stories, sometimes showing her husband, Pierre Soubrier, meticulously mowing the lawn. And sometimes, she shows a brood of hens jaunting about, often watched over at a distance by her cat, Zara. Roughly three weeks ago, Dunn and her husband received five chickens from a local farmer, and now Toulouse, Juke, Rocky, Quinn, and Chelsea are living it large in a World Cup winner’s backyard.

“After SheBelieves when we were told basically hey sit tight, we don’t know what to expect, we were like this is the perfect time to get these chickens. We can’t really leave, it’ll be a good transition period where I can maintain them and always check in on them,” Dunn says on a phone call. They had already sourced chickens through a local farm supplier, but that fell through as many farmers put sales on hold in anticipation of COVID-19-related changes. But the coop was already built, and Dunn and her husband had their hearts set on those chickens. So they called around, found another farmer close by, and he drove the birds out to them, delivering five hens all just shy of three months old.

Now she has a daily routine that involves waking up, rolling out to the coop around 10 AM, and letting the chickens out for the day. “When we open the coop in the morning they come out with so much excitement,” she says. “I feel like when we were first opening the coop they were taking so long to get out, they thought we were going to harm them. But now it’s just nice in the morning.”

It wasn’t her idea initially to get the chickens. Soubrier is French, and as Dunn tells it, he grew up much closer to his local farms. “He grew up in the south of France so to him he grew up on a lot of land and a lot of animals,” Dunn says. “He basically was like yeah, let’s get some chickens. They’re easy to maintain, they don’t need a lot of space, and we just moved into a new house and our backyard is a really good-sized yard. I was like all right, let’s get some chickens.”

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